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I have been adopting and caring for dogs for over 30 years.  My family is currently 5 pups and two parakeets.  Things can get expensive with so many mouths to feed, but I will never sacrifice good care for cheap products.  I thought I found what I liked in a shampoo for my pets, but when a friend suggested I give Healthy Dog a try I never thought the difference would be so drastic.  My pups are truly happier since we made the switch.  I can’t see us using anything else. 

– Georgia P.

I can’t recommend Healthy Dog enough.  The oatmeal shampoo has given Sheeba her healthy coat back.  Thank you

– Patrick B.

After just two baths with Healthy Dog our westie Tink stopped scratching so much and it made her hair so much healthier.  She looks great and is so much more energetic. 

– Riley M.

We’ve tried everything even professionally prescribed shampoos and oils for our huskie Caleb.  While some of the treatments worked a little, they never lasted and were very expensive.  Healthy Dog’s shampoo has been a real life changer and one we could afford every month.

– Carolyn T.