Beco Compostable Poop Bags, Unscented


Unscented, 60 Pack (4 rolls of 15 each)

Made from a plant-based material, these bags are certified both home compostable and biodegradable. Made to be extra long and thick, these bags protect your hands and cater for all poop sizes. Certified OK Compost TUV Home S0329, ASTM 6400 and EN13432, you can compost these bags at home or dispense of in a park bin. Each roll of bags comes on a recycled cardboard core and fits all standard dispensers. 18-month shelf life.

Key Points

  • Big & strong
  • Unscented
  • Extra thick
  • Recycled cardboard core
  • Certified TUV Home Compostable
  • Plant-based

Being a plant-based natural material, the creation of cornstarch has a fantastically low carbon footprint. What’s more, once you’ve finished with it, it will completely biodegrade into the natural elements it once started its starchy life as, leaving no trace.  These bags can be added to any well-managed compost and used to feed non-edible plants.  We recommend adding a little sawdust too, creating a compost with a perfectly balanced pH.  Alternatively, you can dispose of them as usual.


Additional information

Weight 5.1 oz